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Amilo D7820 self-repaired... help!

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Amilo D7820 self-repaired... help!

Postby manofanhour » Fri May 19, 2006 8:27 am

Hi all

Recently I had a cooling problem with my Amilo D7820. It occurs when I played in some 3d games, after about 1 hour of play, cooler goes crazy anf after couple of seconds notebook shuts down automatically, after some time this situations starts to happened iven after couple of minutes of web browsing or even computer stops any response for power -on button (only sometimes).

Yesterday I've deicided to solve it up and I dissasembled machine, clean up cooler (there was a huge coat of dust between cooler and radiator) and after assembling notebook back the situation is even worst I guess...

Now, when I press the power button system and bios doesn't start. I see power led, couple of blinks of hdd and dvd-rom leds and I can hear that cooler is working and hdd is spinning but nothing else is happening: blank screen, cooler noise and only power led is on...

Maybe some of you have any idea what could I screw up during my self-repair?
Thanks in advance for any advice and regards
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Postby PappaBaer » Sun May 21, 2006 7:14 pm

Your CPU doesn't fit correctly in its socket any more. Unscrew your heatsink, unlock the socket locking, put in the CPU properly, relock the socket and reassamble the heatsink.
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