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Windows Freeze Amilo 1630A

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Windows Freeze Amilo 1630A

Postby Iremia » Mon Aug 27, 2007 11:55 am

I have had an Amilo 1630A with Windows XP Home, 1Gb Ram, 80Gb HD. for 3 years. All is was well. I have had some temperature problems but cleaning fans fixed this.

I was burning a DVD using Adobe Premiere Elements 3. I know this can take some time so I left it overnight. Next morning the laptop was unresponsive so I powered down and restarted.

Windows screen came up but the screen froze. I powered down and restarted in safe mode. Everything is fine in safe mode.

Have attempted to restart system turning different drivers on and off but windows will not start. I have exchanged hard disk and memory – no change. I have reinstalled a disc image (That I know worked) no change. When I attempted to reinstall windows I get to the point half way through driver installation and everything freezes up.

Through reading different forums I have come to the conclusion that it must be the graphics card. So:

Is there a way I can test this?

Many thanks for any suggestions you could make.

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