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Radeon X200M jerking graphics (amilo 1718)

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Radeon X200M jerking graphics (amilo 1718)

Postby TiJay » Wed Aug 29, 2007 8:18 pm

Hi guys,

When I try to play a game eg OutRun 2006/Richard Burns Rally on my Amilo with Vista Premium, the graphics performance is very strange: The framerate is OK but every few seconds the image 'skips/jerks' for maybe a second before returning to a normal framerate. This makes the games unplayable.

I used to have a Toshiba with less RAM, a slower CPU and the same graphics card- and that used to play OutRun 2006 fine, which leads me to believe the problem on my Amilo is down to drivers.

This problem does not happen with N64 emulators or Quake 3 engine games (eg Wolf ET), so can anyone please shed some light on why I have this problem or tell me how to fix it? :)

nb: I have tried installing new drivers but both Windows Update and ATI Catalyst Installer tell me they are up to date, and I can't find any modified drivers for Vista!
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