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AMILO M3438G died screen please help!!

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AMILO M3438G died screen please help!!

Postby fatboy » Thu Aug 30, 2007 5:41 pm

Hi, my AMILO M3438G´s screen is just black from the boot.

yesterday I booted up normaly, but when the windows xp login screen appeared , the screen showed a very rare image, it seemed to be like codificated or something.. after that I rebooted and it never worked again.

If I connect an external display in safe mode I can see windows perfectly, but fn+F4 does nothing.. my lcd keeps being black

I think it could be the screen connector to the graphic card which has been disconnected, (the laptop was from my brother and he sent it to me some weeks ago by mail)

What do you think?
Would it be easy to open it and check the connector?
maybe it is no connected properly.

If anybody has a dissasembling scheme for this model please, let me know where to get it.

Thank you so much.
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