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XI1546 turns itself off and resets date to 2005 - crash ???

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XI1546 turns itself off and resets date to 2005 - crash ???

Postby murnie » Fri Sep 07, 2007 9:32 am

Hi, my XI1546 has started turning itself off suddenly when plugged into the mains and the computer date resets back to 2005. This has happened when playing a game and also when left overnight to download things.

The power options are set to 'always on' if plugged into the mains.

The 12 month warranty ran out early August so hopefully its not going to be too bad a problem to fix xxcrosses fingers xx

Has anyone come accross this issue before or got suggestions why its happening?

Temperatures seem fine and both cores get upto 66 degrees when playing battlefield 2142 and idle low/mid 50's when not gaming.

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