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Hardware F.A.Q.

All kinds of problems or malfunctions without known reason. Also general problems with the notebook as a whole.

Hardware F.A.Q.

Postby Lonz » Sat Mar 25, 2006 11:56 pm

Hardware F.A.Q. Amilo-Forum (English version)

I think it's time for collection of often asked question also know as F.A.Q. (Frequently asked questions).
So, before you think you have to start a new thread please have a view on this and use the search. If your problem has not been discussed yet you can start a new thread.

BIOS- and Hardware-Reset (The standard solution for many problems!)
- Load in BIOS the "Setup Defaults", quit with "Save&Exit"
- Switch off the notebook, remove batteries and AC adapter, press the power button for 10 seconds

Amilo A1667G
To this notebook dutty/selfmade made a own F.A.Q.: English, German

Amilo M1439
Performance problems and 59Hz Bug: English(coming soon), German
Lagging issue: English, German

Amilo M3438 and M4438
City Cobra made a detailed thread about this notebook: English(coming soon), German
If you have a very bad 3d-power, look here: English, German
Needed stuff for inserting a secound harddisk: English, German
Lagging issue: English, German

Amilo M7440
How to activate WLAN before Logon to WindowsXP: English(coming soon), German

Why does my processor clock slower then it should?
Mobile processors, if they do not have to work much, reduce their frequency. Energy is saved by this way, which leads to a longer usage in battery mode. If computing power is required, the processor will clock up (sometimes step-by-step) to it original frequence to perform performane.
If this doesn't work fine, try to load the "Optimized defaults" or "Failsafe defaults" in your BIOS setup (mostly shown by pressing F2 while booting). If the processor still doesn't clock up under heavy load, verify this by a suited tool for watching processor core-speed.

Why can't I find any WLAN network?
If Windows doesn't find any wireless network, check if you turned on the WLAN hardware switch on your notebook case. If you can't activate the switch on an Amilo A 1630 then change the power scheme to Portable/Laptop.
More information in the other thread.

My notebook becomes very hot.
You first should check if the fan still works. Under heavy load it should always run (after a couple of minutes).
If this doesn't work the fan is probably broken.
If the fan is running you should clean your notebook: Get the dust out of cooling fins etc. In most case this is the cause of heat problems.
If this doesn't help, you can lower the voltages of a suited processor.

My fan runs always / very often.
Generally you should look at the tips to the question "My notebook becomes very hot.", because a high heating automatically cause a running fan.
Short: Cleaning (dust etc), lower processor clocks, turn on energy saving features of your graphic card (e.g. ATI powerplay)
nVidia cards only: Check whether the service "NVIDIA Display Driver Service" is activated (boot option 'automatic'). Install graphic drivers with the original FSC inf file and/or use the registry fix amilo3438fancontrol.reg.

Why does the screen of my Amilo A 1630 turn off?
Even if it is saved in Windows that there should be no effect on closing the notebook, the light turns off after a defined time and do not turn on again on opening the notebook.
Answer: Update your BIOS at least to version 1.02c, you can download it on the Fujitsu-Siemens-Computers website.

How to use the rechargeable battery well?
English, German

How to update the BIOS?
English, German

I have problems with my TV-out.
English, German

How to change CD/DVD drive?
English, German

My burner doesn't work well / How to update the firmware of a device?
English, German

My harddisk drive works a little bit strange.
English, German

My Windows-CD doesn't find the harddisk drive(s).
This is probably caused by the missing RAID driver of Amilos M1437/1439/3438/4438 or a missing S-ATA driver of some other Amilos.
English, German

I have some problems with the SPDIF output.
English, German

USB problems
English, German

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