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Charity Requires Recovery Media for Alimo Pro V203D.

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Charity Requires Recovery Media for Alimo Pro V203D.

Postby raid517 » Tue Oct 09, 2007 8:45 pm

Hi, I work for a charity in the North East of England called the Depaul Trust. We work with young underprivileged teenagers from often broken and difficult backgrounds and we give them a secure place to live and we also provide them with various vocational and educational training facilities.

Recently we were given a laptop that was donated to us by a local small business who no longer had any use for it. The Model/Make of this laptop is an Alimo Pro V2030D.

Unfortunately part of the reason we were given the laptop is that the OS is no longer functional and the recovery media has been misplaced by he original owner.

We have tried contacting Fujitsu in the UK about this, but they appear unwilling to support a product that is no longer in warranty.

To this end therefore I am posting on this forum in the hope that someone here may be in possession of appropriate recovery media and that they might be kind enough to furnish us with a copy of this.

The disc itself needn't be an original, as the laptop still has the original Windows XP licence key printed on the bottom - so there is no need to supply a key, or to be in any way concerned about issues of piracy or licencing.

Unfortunately, even though as a charity full Windows XP disks are relatively cheap, we are in a degree of financial hardship in general at this time and cannot afford to make any non essential purchases.

Therefore if anyone here is willing or able to help, I really would be extremely grateful.
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