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Amilo Pa 1538 - video problems in Vista and XP *HELP!*

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Amilo Pa 1538 - video problems in Vista and XP *HELP!*

Postby sherrif.sot » Sat Oct 20, 2007 3:00 pm

Technical Specifications
CPU Type AMD Turion 64 X2 TL-52
Memory 1GB
HDD size 160GB
Video NVIDIA GeForce Go 7400

PROBLEM: Possibly video problems in Vista and XP


Since a few weeks i am having problems with my new laptop.
I contacted Fujitsu already, but it seems they are not in that much of a hurry to assist me with my problem.

The problem occurs from out of nowhere. All of a sudden, (visiting webpage, watching movie, skyping), several problems occur.
In Vista:
° mouse slowed down
° display shut down (wait 2 minutes, then its turned on. no screensaver)
° all process interrupted. downloading/music/etc.

So i thought it was a Vista problem or a driver issue.
Reinstalled drivers. Not worked...
So i switched back to XP Professional (CZ).

Now here the following problems occur.
In XP:
° same as above in Vista
° In Vista, vista itself ¨repaired¨ the problem and i could continue working.
Some internal restart or something.
In XP this is not working, and i am forced to do a reboot.
As a matter of fact it now froze my mouse, while typing this.
The arrow itself was not moving, but while moving my mouse i was able to open pages and whatsoever.
In worst case it reboots itself.
° While i was playing a video, then the crash happened in two minutes.
Reboot like 4 times, and it keeps happening.
After reboot video quality was auto put back to 8 or´16 bit.

Now in Nvidia manager i checked the temperature.
This is 66 to 70 degrees.
I think this is quite much for an integrated chip cooler, and probbaly there is not much cooling inside the laptop.

Does anyone has a solution for this problem, any other experiences with this laptop, or a suggestion about what to do?

Thank you for the help,
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Postby Borkar » Sun Oct 28, 2007 9:51 am

it is a very common problem of this notebook model.

Try to contact FSC for a "official" solution.

There are several threads in the German section of the forum... I am not quite sure whetehr a solution exists. I have heard once you shouldnt install custom drivers of vendors but only FSC drivers.

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