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Amilo Pro V3205 - Sound & Modem driver issues Topic is solved

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Amilo Pro V3205 - Sound & Modem driver issues  Topic is solved

Postby madhun » Mon Oct 22, 2007 5:06 pm


I've bought Amilo Pro V3205 notebook which has Vista Home Basic operation system by default. I installed Windows XP SP2 instead it, then downloaded necessary all necessary drivers from FSC site. The most drivers have been installed correctly without any issues, but I still could not install sound and modem drivers correctly.

Looks like sound driver issue under XP SP2 is classic issue :) I just have checked this forum before to make decision to post my own topic.

What I tried to do:
1. I've installed fresh Windows XP SP2 system copy on cleaned partition,
2. Then I installed chipset driver,
3. Then - KB888111 soft pack,
4. Then I tried to install Conexant Audio driver which I downloaded from official FSC site, but I got failed with it - it runs installation and completes with "FAILED" message - without any additional notes. I have same issue with Conexant modem driver.
5. Also I tried to install Rialtek High Definition Audio Driver (R1.79) but it just installed and nothing happens (looks like it just does't support my audio device).

Please help with any ideas how I can resolve the described issues. Thanks!
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common fault re-flash bios to fix sound problem

Postby verachion » Wed Oct 24, 2007 7:10 pm

Just a quick note re-flash the bios (as when you had vista it may have changed wink wink) load chipsets then load audio.

*It appears that this is a common problem to which fujitsu offer no help, with a little bit of try and error you will get if not pm me*

Keep trying to load conexant audio driver it will fail a couple of times then it will work ake sure you have cleaned out any other sound drivers that could conflict i.e temp files and c programmes, swsetup, uninstall all sound drivers from device manager aswell. update chipset and all updates accordingly
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Postby madhun » Thu Oct 25, 2007 3:16 am

I just resolved all issues using nLite programm - I made my own Windows XP build with integrated XB888111 - when I installed it, all drivers from FSC site began working fine.
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Postby verachion » Thu Oct 25, 2007 6:08 pm

incidently I contacted Fujitsu today about this issue and their response was terrible instead of saying "have you reflashed the bios" they said are you sure you are d/l the correct driver. When I explained that the driver should be correct as its from their support site the response I got back was oh then I can't help you hilarious!

Anyway for people that may have problems in the future if you are installing windows after you get fed up of the resources vista hogs the answer is this:

You can either use Nlite but wouldn't recommend that for beginners or....

1. Reflash bios with correct driver from fujitsu siemens site ... oads_1.htm

2. Install all updates from microsoft

3. Install all drivers on fujitsu site one by one.

Or to make it easier for you install driver magician it does it for you then uninstall it.
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Postby pep999 » Mon Dec 10, 2007 11:25 pm

I just found the hard way that order of the factors dictates the result.

I've tried the published solutions over and over again, with no results,
after i followed the correct order, wich is :

1 - Chipset drivers

2 - Microsoft patch

3 - FS sound drivers downloaded for the correct notebook model

It works just fine now.

If it fails you can uninstall the sound driver, the MS Patch, and try all over again.

Thanks all for the solution.
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