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Mainboard Amilo D7830

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Mainboard Amilo D7830

Postby itslefty » Wed Oct 24, 2007 10:08 pm

Hi All,

I need some advice. :wink:

I bought the fujitsu siemans Amilo D7830 about 3 years ago, before it was even 6 months old it was sent back to the manufacturer for repair, they said it was a battery fault and it was repaired under warranty.

Now I have had to take the computer in for a new repair, it wouldn't past the post boot, no sooner had the logo dissappeared the computer screen went black but the green light remained on and the fan carries on whirring, then it stops and starts whirring again intermitedly at about 30 second intervals.

The company who I have taken the computer to have advised I need a new motherboard and they have quoted me £220 for the mainboard plus £70 labour costs. :shock:

My question is....

Should I go with it or dump it and put it down to experience. :?

I have always regarded the laptop as unreliable since day one, I have lost many hours work, because of reformatting, it has been reformatted about 6 times, because it had failed to start. It used to boot onto the famous microsoft "blue screen of death"

it was running on XP (sometimes) :(

2nd question how much could I sell a clapped out Amilo D7830 for?

Thanks in advance for all your help, support and advice :) :lol:
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Postby icefist » Mon Dec 24, 2007 8:33 pm

haha, i m so lucky that i had found this forum.

i have exactly the same problem with d7830 :)

and i see there are plenty of people looking for mainboards.

so has anybody found a place for cheap mb?
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