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Vista on Amilo Pro V2045

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Vista on Amilo Pro V2045

Postby OlegVekhov » Mon Nov 05, 2007 5:53 pm


Upgraded my V2045 to Windows Vista.

All right except two annoying problems:

1. CPU is always works at maximum speed, Frequency scaling does not work at all. All latest drivers are installed from different sources.

I've tried RMClock utility from this topic lhtopic,554,0,asc,speedstep,0.html, with no success. The strange thing i've noticed is that RMClock shows two parameters: OS load and CPU load. OS load at idle time shows 1-3%, but CPU load ALWAYS stays for 85-100%... Why? Task Manager also shows 1-3%.

2. After going to sleep mode (not hibernation), and resuming, cooler doesn't powers up at all. After 5-15 minutes notebook just overheates and shuts down automatically. This thing does not appear after resuming from hibernation. I'm using latest version of BIOS. Windows XP works normal.
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Postby OgOMaN » Mon Dec 31, 2007 2:05 am

Answers for your questions :

1. Cause, Mobile processors decrease the performance, if you don' t need to more process power. If you wan' t to set processor performance, you must right click to battery symbol on Vista' s screen (right bottom side) and choice to Power Management (I don' t remember that word, its top in the list). And select change power plans word (Click) on the showed screen and Advanced power options word (Click).

If you see to new pop up screen, you will found processor running percents. And set it and go.

2. This is same with my problem. V2045' s chipset maybe not compatible at this point with Vista. Maybe Vista having a bug about that. I don' t tested with another notebook and I don' t know what' s the problem.

Sorry for my English.
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