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Keyboard and DVD removal on Alimo A1650G

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Keyboard and DVD removal on Alimo A1650G

Postby danger » Thu Nov 08, 2007 3:40 pm

1: to remove the keyboard carefully remove the black plastic cover over the speakers using a small screw driver, it is held in with small plastic clips some of which can be accessed from where the battery is.
Once you have removed that then you can carefully lift the back of the keyboard and slide the keyboard back to remove it.

2: to remove the DVD follow step one and then under the keyboard you will see 2 screws near the back of where the DVD is, remove those 2 screws and then carefully pull the DVD drive out (you may need to eject the dvd drive with a pin to be able to pull it out.

and that should be it, reverse the steps to put it all back together!
hope this helps some people
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