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Amilo M1450G - Random Color Display

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Amilo M1450G - Random Color Display

Postby Alexx » Sun Nov 11, 2007 7:00 pm

Hello everybody.

I have been reading posts on the forum, hoping that someone has my problem, but I couldn't find any match.
I own an Amilo M1450G which has the strangest problem : from time to time (I couldn't find any pattern, so I'll say), when it wants to, the display simply turns to a color and just stays that way.
Background processes are still running, I just can't see anything but a random-colored screen (black/blue/pink/red/green/white/you-choose).
A so-called "solution" is to put in in stand-by mode & then turn it on again & it works fine....until it happens all over again.
The timestamps of the occurance differ every time and it happened with me just looking @ the desktop, so I can't say I was "straining" my graphics card.
It didn't happen often, but it happened. So, one day, I made use of my warranty. After 3 weeks, my laptop came back with the motherboard & the display hasn't been a month & I got the same problem today!

I can't begin to imagine what the catch is...
So, I guess my questions are : Has anyone experienced something like this before & would it make any difference to send the laptop to tech-support, all-over again ?

Thank you.

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