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Amilo Xi2428 battery self discharge

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Amilo Xi2428 battery self discharge

Postby shezan74 » Wed Nov 21, 2007 12:30 pm

Hi there, i and my friend we bought recently 2 brand new Xi2428.

We both have the same issue, and our thougts are ended in the void.
The problem is if we fully charge the laptops and then place them into their bag, the battery will drained to zero in few (3-4) days without using them. They didn't reply to the "power on button" (not a O.S. problem, so) until connected to AC.

Battery has been charged for 5-6 times at least in the last month, but the problem is still there. Our first thought was on the CIR device, and we've deactivated it by BIOS, but the battery drain is still there and it's really high if we have the laptops completely discharged in few days.

Coupling with AC power and running Windows Vista confirms that the battery is really to zero. Battery endurance during normal word is good (1-2 hours depending on use).

Any idea?
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Re: Amilo Xi2428 battery self discharge

Postby vitorello » Sun Mar 30, 2008 2:44 am

hello friends,

i'm brazilian and bougth a xi2428 too. my computer present the same problem. how do you resolve it?

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Re: Amilo Xi2428 battery self discharge

Postby trkaplan » Sat Dec 13, 2008 10:12 am

Have u tried to update Bios?
There is an update avaible on f-s' original web site. I haven't installed yet but i think it'll work. ... 0Xi%202428

"current BIOS V. 1.15c:
Solved problems:
- The battery (capacity= 4400mAh) plugged to the system will no longer be discharged within a few days (5 ~ 10 days) if the system is in hibernate mode or shut down. The discharge rate is now limited to 5mAh in hibernate/ system power off mode which comes up to ~ 30days."
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