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Very Unstable amilo pa 2510 Topic is solved

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Very Unstable amilo pa 2510  Topic is solved

Postby unstable amilo » Wed Nov 28, 2007 5:38 pm

So I bought this amilo pa 2510 and it had pre-installed vista, which worked very good. but because I think vista sucks and has too many bugs etc. I decided to install xp.... then the problem begun.

As many of you may know Fujitsu-siemens corporation has for some reason decided to built this pc just for vista and because of that reason they wont release any offical xp drivers.
well I found the unoffical drivers and installed them... well the drivers worked and I got the previously missing things like vga,ethernet,wlan etc. back but now the pc IS VERY UNSTABLE for example it just sudddenly shuts down in simple tasks like mozilla and when I try to run registry booster 2 the pc will shutdown in 3%...

But because there are many people on this forum with amilo pa 2510 and xp installed I figured that the os version I´m using is somehow wrong.

Because this is my first windows computer my friend gave me this xp black edition v3
so my question is:

how do I make my amilo pa 2510 with a stable xp?
unstable amilo
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How wlan amilo 2510 ?

Postby brzeti » Thu Jan 31, 2008 3:20 pm

I have just installed win xp on my amilo 2510 . I have found all drivers and almost everything seems working fine.. except wifi because it is wn6302a as detected by vista.
How have you managed to set up wifi?

On my notebook I first tried to install LastXP, but installer was working badly. Then I tried BLACK XP and it was also pretty unstable. Now I have a distro without modifications. No serious problems except mentioned above.
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Postby unstable amilo » Tue Feb 05, 2008 9:08 am

after few hours in the net I managed to find all the drivers for my amilo (including working wifi driver for xp). everything worked fine until the pc suddenly stopped... it said something about my graphic card had went into a loop... I discovered that the grapchic card driver was bad and because of that amilo switched back to the vista graphic card driver.... I removed the vista driver and the pc has ran smoothly ever since. although these guys here weren't very co-operative with my problem (because its a pirate version) and I would like to just say to them:

Its not my fault if I buy a new pc and it has crappy vista with it. And besides Vista is more expensive than xp, so I was entitled to have a working OS. and to fujitsu-siemens; Why the hell you wont publish offical drivers for xp?
Just because MS wants you to get ppl to use vista doesn't mean that you will have obey them...
unstable amilo
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Amilo pa 2510

Postby j4ro » Fri Apr 04, 2008 6:42 pm

Hi. I have some problems with the sound drivers on my amilo pa 2510. I am using XP pro. and it dont work vel. Can somebody send on my E-mail the sound drivers ??? thanks
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