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Why does my CPU only clock on 600-1000 MHz?

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Why does my CPU only clock on 600-1000 MHz?

Postby Lonz » Sun Mar 26, 2006 2:18 am

Mobile processors, if they do not have to work much, reduce their frequency. Energy is saved by this way, which leads to a longer usage in battery mode. So it's all right, if the processor runs on 600 MHz or 800 MHz. It depends on the settings if this unavoidable in rechargeable battery-mode.

Mobile CPUs
- Pentium M (Centrino), without PCI-Express: Idle-frequency 600 MHz
- Pentium M (Centrino), with PCI-Express: Idle-frequency 800 MHz
- Core (2) Solo/Duo: Idle-frequency 1000 MHz
- Athlon 64: Idle-frequency 800 MHz
- Turion 64: Idle-frequency 800 MHz
- Mobile Sempron
- Pentium 4m
- Pentium 4 Mobile
- Celeron M

Behaviour of clock up / clock down
If there is no need for processor-performance, the processor will clock down automatically, the same way the processor should clock up, if you start a processing intensive process.

The processor doesn't clock up!
There are serveral causes:
  • Windows displays a wrong freq. (often on Athlon64 or Turion64).
    Answer: Use special tools for checking, e.g. CPU-Z (core speed)
  • AMD-processors:
    Download processor drivers (Athlon 64, Turion 64, Mobile Sempron)
  • The notebook use rechargeable battery
    You should change the "power options properties->power scheme" to e.g. "Home/Office Desk"
  • Load BIOS defaults
    Eventually you have to load the "Optimized defaults" in the BIOS, so that the automatically changing of core-speed works.
  • There is a option in the BIOS, which prevent clocking up.
  • If all of this doesn't work and if it is a Pentium M (Centrino):
    Eventually SpeedStep is deaktivated. Either you try to activate it by updating your BIOS or you activate it with RMClock.

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