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Amilo L7320GW Hard Drive I want to take it out ? Manual

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Amilo L7320GW Hard Drive I want to take it out ? Manual

Postby Max08 » Tue Dec 11, 2007 7:25 pm

Hello beautiful Helpful folks,

I have problem my beloved Amilo L7320GW (17" monny) has died on me and will no longer boot,

I have tried reinstalling the windows first but it failed where i try to format by NTFS about gave up on it, sometime later i tried windows again and i am geting failure on hard disk message,

so i see my options as take the hard drive out but don't know where it located and searched the net for service manual to no avail,

so can anyone help with the experience with amilo's, as to how i can change the hard drive and get my laptop working if not i'll take the drive out ?

is it possible to recover important files on it ! :cry:


Max without Amilo
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