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Will only start in safe mode. Hardware problem?

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Will only start in safe mode. Hardware problem?

Postby robgell » Sat Dec 15, 2007 10:06 pm

I wonder if anyone can help. My M3438G has been performing fine until this afternoon. I started having an error box when the "3D pipes" screensaver was supposed to come on, in the form of a box which acted like a moving screen saver and saying that the 3D couldn't connect, or words to that effect.

Later on, the screen went black and the machine restarted by itself. Windows would not load and firstly a blue backed full screen message appeared stating that I should run a diagnostic for my hardware manufacturer, for mismatched or faulty memory, and that windows had been shut down to prevent damage to the computer, etc. etc.

This only showed for a second and then it restarted again, this time with a direction to start in safe mode. Much of the type in the message is in corrupted characters.

Having not installed anything new for ages, and in any case, trying a system restore, this has not made any difference, and I can still only start in safe mode. I also tried a hardware reset by taking the plug out, battery too, and holding the button down. Still no difference.

I am wondering whether my nvidia graphics card has gone down? Any thoughts on this? If this is the case, how does one change it please?

Any advice would be much appreciated.

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