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WLAN problems with Li1818 on Vista, Blue Screen

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WLAN problems with Li1818 on Vista, Blue Screen

Postby lazydane » Fri Dec 21, 2007 5:01 pm

This happens 90% every time.
My WLAN works well when browsing the web, chatting etc. The problem occurs when I download a large file (large = ~150mb+) whenever i download at a decent speed (~500kb/s+) i get a blue screen and my computer is forcibly restarted. Problem does not only occur with one file, ive had problems streaming high quality videos. This problem happens in all cases, everything from downloading torrents, to ftps, to grabbing anything off websites, to transferring files wirelessly between computers in a network.
I have tried going on fujistu siemens drivers page and finding the latest driver for my computer, their last update is something around late '06 early '07, i bought this laptop this summer, neverless ive tried installing the driver.

Any answer would be appreciated,
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