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Xa2528 XP 8600M Driver

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Xa2528 XP 8600M Driver

Postby bimpan » Sat Dec 22, 2007 3:42 pm

I you like me don't like Vista and like XP because XP is still MUCH faster than Vista in regular use.
The main problems seems to be to find reliably Nvidia driver, took me some time to find what I think is the most stable drivers.

Try this if yoyu having problems with 8600M Drivers: ... 34192.html

Now after installed an plain XP PRO my Amilo is much more faster and no more angry words and slow response when I work on my notebook.

Have to say that is it very bad of F-S to not have support for XP. Very many people still got licences for XP and do not like Vista.

When I writing so do anybody know if XA2528 (T60) support 2GB SO-DIMM modules? Can not find any info if the mainboard support 4GB total.

And I also would be happy if anybody knows how Iif it is possible to change the amount of memory to 8600M? Now is stated that I only have about 1200 mb free fysical memory and almost 800mb is reserved for the Videocard. Can't find anything at all in bios. Is that any way to change that by software? Insane to have that much shared for video when it also have 256mb already pysical...

The SATA IDE Driver from F-S Website works aswell in XP.

Excuse my bad english.
Bimpan, Sweden
Info for this driver that I linked to
(13.63 KiB) Downloaded 355 times
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Postby maisac » Sun Dec 30, 2007 10:56 pm

My computer cant identify half of the hardware. No network card is found, so I cant get any drivers, nor the network driver of course.
Do I have to install Vista again, just to find out what network card it has?
Has Microsoft been subsidising these computer to force implementation of Vista? No support for XP is weird!
As far as I can see, if you know your XP, yo have no use of Vista, it will just make your computer slower. And most software you cant even run.
Anyway, first problem is network card, I suppose the problems will keep coming along this installation of XP.
I will save all the drivers needed - if I will succeed, that is.
Maybe someone can help me?
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Postby aspettl » Sun Dec 30, 2007 11:33 pm

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Update, Billy Sjöberg Xa2528 XP 8600M SWE/DE

Postby bimpan » Sun Jul 06, 2008 2:36 am

Hi, Aspetti and other.

The problem with the XP-Amilodriver for Xa2528 is that they do work very well
on standard english XP-Iso! NOT with any kind of Iso that have been modified even if the
"producer" had included Driverspack. But on clean English Iso it shall be no problem at all.
If you use yor notebook as homePC. Otherwise you can experience problems.

So I recomend to download the drivers that are about 2-12 mounts updated to XP.
Not Vista, but that is waste of time.

If you like 30% of Amilo users have an XP with another language base, the Softpedia drivers works much better.
One tip is to NOT insert all drivers at ones. Take your time and IT WILL WORK!
I use both Swedish, German and Russian XP language. You can also use plain english XP-Iso and Use
svereral different "freeware" to include the drivers in rigt way. I can not say any programs name even if they "freeware" or if like that MS call Pirateware.

Good luck and otherwise is Amilo a plessent notebook!
Perhaps they have or if instes,youemail them I sure they will send you proper driver.
FS have to take concern for many diff language so I can understand actually!

You can also contact ATI, I know they will help you!

Have a nice summer!

Best Regards,
Billy Sjöberg Sweden
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Re: Xa2528 XP 8600M Driver

Postby H3llr3is3r » Sat Aug 09, 2008 12:44 am

Hi all!
i have Xa2528 Tl-50 i can confirm that to support 2Giga ram and above
i buyed this laptop with 2 Giga So-dimm installed, memories can buy from fujitsu, but these memories was maked by Quimonda, so u can try quimonda 4 Giga kits and
can buy on other store for 25 % of price then from fujitsu, but no one will say for 100% if they work or not...
Depend on recomendation is kingston...
i have other question...
can u guys write me ur vga caracteristics?

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