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Which HD for Amilo Xa2528?

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Which HD for Amilo Xa2528?

Postby bimpan » Sat Dec 22, 2007 4:22 pm

I'm planning of buy a new 7200rpm harddrive for my Amilo Xa2528.
From experience i know it makes a huge differnt in speed general to change for an 7200rpm instead of the slow 5400rp 2.5" drives.

My question is if anybody knows which drive i should buy in terms of heat. If anybody have some knowledge of a good decent 7200rpm drive that will fit a Xa2528, please let me and others know.
Size in gb does not have to be large at all, I only going to have my main XP sytem on it and will use the standard 250gb as storage.

I want it as fast I can get without have to deal witht an overcooked laptop. Mainly use my notebook as desktopcomputer so watts is no issue at all.

Thanks in advance!
Bimpan, Sweden
Amilo XA2528
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Re: Which HD for Amilo Xa2528?

Postby H3llr3is3r » Wed Aug 13, 2008 1:59 pm

its very had to decide this question but u have to think that one more Hdd is more power so u have to buy a bigger source...
i have one 90 W ( 20V 4,5 A) source and the most powerfull what i see is a 120W. ( 20V 6A)

The first question : can u find this piece and then u can buy ur HDD.
I used some WD and Seagate and Maxtor HDD.
The fastest was maxtor but my most liked type is WD. So find a WD. My recomendation. In my laptop is a Seagate one work, its official.

Have a nice day!
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