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wlan connection problems Li1818 solved

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wlan connection problems Li1818 solved

Postby kblackburn » Thu Dec 27, 2007 6:22 pm


for everyone having problems with wlan connection, i spent the best part of 20mins on the phone to the tech guy,s (£1.50 per min) what a set of morons, no advise or fix other than well have it collected and returned (14 days) turn round.
well tonight i ran fujitsu-seimens help line, problem solved in 2 mins, change your router settings, chanel 1-6 work best for fujitsu-seimens, change encription to wep from wpa, reset router, make new connection on laptop, using the above, heypresto!!!!! full signal every where in the house.

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Postby FireArm » Sun Dec 30, 2007 3:48 am

Im glad your laptop is now working, however for some strange reason mine isnt.. take a look at this list and prepared to be amazed (and confused)

Got an Li1718 for crimbo

Set it up

WIFI card see's EVERYTHING connects to NOTHING

re-installed Vista

re-installed WIFI drivers

reset my router (to no encryption)

changed router channel (to channel 4 then 6 then 1 then 3)

disabled VISTA firewall (just to be sure)

called fujistu told them what i'd done they said it must be a dogey card


so i took it back to the shop got it swaped for another Li1718

went through all of the above steps again - and i still have no wireless..

oh by the way I installed a USB wireless antenna (this has no effect at all)

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Postby kblackburn » Sun Dec 30, 2007 2:48 pm


what have you set the bps to, i find that if i try from 54bps and work down, i found a setting that works fine, it won't connect at 54 but it see the wireless network.
if i can help any further, drop me a line, hope you didn't buy from pcworld, as there is not siemens warranty on there products.

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