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Amilo L3700 problems...any help?

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Amilo L3700 problems...any help?

Postby hpycroft » Sun Dec 30, 2007 9:40 pm

I've had an L3700 for 2 years now and i've been having problems with it for about 4 months. When I turn it on I get a loud buzzing noise, sounds like the fan is catching on something, it stops the second windows boots up and I see my log in screen. It wont start up when theres a CD in the drive and it no longer reads most cds, mainly copies. It heats up really quickly and has turned itself off on me numerous times and now it's gone ridiculously slow. Word Processing is fine but that now seems to be the only thing it will do now...

Has anyone else experienced any similar problems? or is it ready for the scrap heap? im a final year student so could do without buying another! i have all risk insurance on it general old age or does it sound like ive done something accidentally to it to use my insurance?


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