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BIOS update

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BIOS update

Postby Borkar » Sun Mar 26, 2006 2:22 am

Why to take the risk of a BIOS update?
BIOS updates provide new functions, solve malfunctions and incompatibilities. If everything works fine, it's better not to flash your BIOS. There is always a risk remaining and you know: "Never change a running system".

Where to get a new BIOS?
Of course on the FSC Support webpage Flashing any other BIOS leads to losing your warranty.

How to update your BIOS: "BIOS flashing"
Before you start: Plug in the AC adapter to the notebook and put in the battery (to prevent corrupted flash due to sudden lack of power). Enter BIOS setup and load "Setup Defaults"/"Optimized Defaults"/"Failsafe Defaults".
The BIOS itself is a file that can't be used directly. You need a special program that writes the BIOS file on the chip. There are programs for Windows, DOS and CD images (*.iso).
It is recommended that you use the CD image. You burn the image onto CD, then boot with that CD and follow the instructions (which are always in English). After that you enter BIOS setup again and load "Setup Defaults".
Flashing under Windows is more risky than using a CD image. There is always a probability that background programs (like antivirus scanner or spyware/malware/viruses) distract the flash procedure and the BIOS dies.
DOS programs are an alternative to CD images. But you need a DOS on a bootable device (HD, CD/DVD, USB stick, floppy, flash card).
Most times the CD image just includes a bootable DOS and the DOS version of the BIOS flashing tool.

A more detailed tutorial to flash the system BIOS can be found here (German):,4985,-B ... 5E%5E.html

What do I have to do after the flash?
As I mentioned before, enter the BIOS setup (press F2 during boot) and load the "Setup Defaults".

If the update process was not finished completely or a wrong BIOS was flashed, the notebook will probably not boot any more. In this case you have to contact FSC Support and send in your notebook. This will most probably not be for free.
A BIOS update is always on your own responsibility!

Warning to owners of a Dx820:
Do NOT use the CD image for your BIOS update. There is a buggy version online that leads your display to breakdown!
For more details, see this thread (unfortunately only available in German):,1505,-N ... anden.html

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