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Amilo Pro V2045 Fan problem. Topic is solved

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Amilo Pro V2045 Fan problem.  Topic is solved

Postby nOmArch » Fri Jan 11, 2008 4:22 pm

About two weeks ago my 2045 started turning itself off for no reason at all, only did IT when i was using processor intensive apps (like encoding an AVI) so i assumed it was some kind of heat issue.

so i ran a few cpu temp apps and sure enough the idle temp was about 52C and soon as i did anything intensive it jumped up to about to between 80 - 90C and would then turn itself off at 95C (BIOS auto shutdown)

the thing is the fans all seem to work perfectly well and i have reseated the heatsink on the cpu and its all good with a nice tight fit and contact paste.

its almost like its forgetting to turn the fans on, could this be something to do with the fact im running Vista on it? it does the same thing in Linux as well but thought it was worth asking.



EDIT: after looking around the forum a bit, i mhoping it might just be something as simple as cleaning the fans, is there a guide anywhere for opening up the case and getting at the fans?
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Postby nOmArch » Sat Jan 12, 2008 9:56 pm

Woooot! fixed it, some guy mentioned on another thread that he just took a hoover to his laptop and that seemed to sort it.

so i took the bottom panel off and removed the heatsink and found a load of dust and fluff clogging the airway between the heatsink and fan. once this had been removed and then gently hoovered i put everything back together and it now works brilliantly, temperature doesn't get above 54C for both CPU and VGA Card even at 100% CPU load (tested for an hour)
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