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Service manual For Amilo el 6800

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Service manual For Amilo el 6800

Postby ukazoz » Fri Jul 21, 2006 9:45 am

Hi I am from Finland, I have an old Amilo El 6800 notebook. It doesnt have any guarantee. There are some broken parts and I would like to repair it but I couldnt find the manual and I dont wanna break it all.. is anyone can help me please?
Someone told me that i should check Mitac page, but why and how?
with my best regards.
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Postby Borkar » Fri Jul 21, 2006 5:03 pm

It can be (I don't know :roll: ) that your notebook is originally built by Mitac. Therefore you might have a chance to find a manual at the Mitac homepage.

The bad news, as far as I know Mitac doesn't have a lot documentation of their barebones online. Try it anyway.

Good luck!
If you find something, give us a link.

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