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Best Program to monitor Temperatures inside my Amilo?

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Best Program to monitor Temperatures inside my Amilo?

Postby mancio1977 » Mon Jan 14, 2008 7:22 pm

Hello people,
I have some fan-noise problems
'cause I think it is too much warm the temperature inside my Amilo.

I wonder which is the best program
to monitor the temperatures inside
of CPU, HD and so on...

If I will found out a temperature problem
is there any good guide
explaining how to open the notebook
to clean the powder in front od the fan?

Thanks in advance for your helping me.
Mancio1977 from Italia 8)

by the way
Which is the normal fork temperature
about CPU, HD and other stuff inside?
GrAzIe in advance :-)
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Postby hikaru » Tue Jan 15, 2008 8:07 am

Depending on your hdd 55°C or 60°C should not be exceeded.
About the CPU I'm not really sure, but up to 80°C should be ok.

I tested the following programs:

+ allows voltage-tuning
- didn't detect my hdd-sensor
- the free version doesn't work with limited user-accounts

+ detects cpu + hdd-sensor
+ shows additional information
+ works with limited user-accounts
- big program, no little tool
- no icon with temperature

+ detects cpu + hdd-sensor
- doesn't work with limited user-accounts

hdd thermometer
+ works with limited user-accounts
- only shows hdd-sensor

Sorry, but I have no guide to clean your fan.
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