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temperature tool amilo xi 1554

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temperature tool amilo xi 1554

Postby Martynet » Thu Jan 17, 2008 2:20 am

hello everybody,

does anybody know about utility that shows all the temperatures in system tray? i tried lots of utilities and they monitor just procesor and no hdd...
hdd life for notebooks says that i have no s.m.a.r.t??? i thought that all te computers made in last few years have this function automaticly? or can i just turn s.m.a.r.t. on somewhere?
thanks for replys
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Postby hikaru » Thu Jan 17, 2008 9:17 am

I don't know if there is a tool that monitors all sensors.
But HDD-Thermometer monitors the HDD-temperature.

For SMART please have a look into your BIOS.
What about everest? Does it recognise your HDD-sensor?
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Postby aspettl » Thu Jan 17, 2008 2:22 pm

SMART doesn't work because of the VIA RAID, as far as I know.

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