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RAM upgrade Amilo Li1705

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RAM upgrade Amilo Li1705

Postby Bram » Sat Jan 19, 2008 3:34 pm

I have a Amilo Li1705 and I want to upgrade my RAM memory.
It now has a Intel Celeron M530 processor with 766 MB RAM. But it shares its RAM with the videocard. So I want some extra RAM.

But I don't know how I can put in the extra RAM. Is there a guide on the web or can anybody help me on that subject?
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Postby bravosystemz » Wed Mar 19, 2008 11:00 pm

I have the same laptop as you. Li 1705

Got mine from the shop with 2gig of ddr2 667mhz and a pentium dual core so i gues its a light upgrade. though with the graphical dedication i get just under 2gig.

ANYWAY... i am also to upgrade. going to put 4gig in (2x2gb) sticks

Its all very easy and you will also be able to install upto 4gig of DDR2 667Mhz. i would say the best sticks you should use are the samsung sticks orPatriot sticks

Here is a 2gig kit: ... ctId=28604

Here is a 4gig kit: ... ctId=28603 VERY GOOD STUFF :!:

Installing is VERY easy!! turn your laptop off (and remove battery to keep safe) under your laptop is a removable pannel, there are 2 of them, a small one and a LARGE one, remove the large one, 7 screws is all and you will see your RAM right away, short sticks, i think with your config you will se 2 sticks, each 512mb (one over the other) To remove them just push the tabs left and right on both ends and the ram will pop up to remove. once removed simply pop in the new RAM and raplace your cover and turn your laptop on. ALL FINISHED

enjoy your upgrade! :D

:?: One final note, you may have to upgrade your BIOS to the newer version, but I really doubt it for a simple ram upgrade. usually you need to upgrade BIOS for things like CPU uprades only.
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Amilo ram

Postby bondi72 » Wed Mar 26, 2008 6:49 pm

I have the same laptop, what's the most ram I can install?
I heard that on a 32 bit system it only recognises a certain amount, like
2 gig. Whereas the 64 bit systems can handle higher amounts, 3 gig and
up. Is your computer running ok with the 4 gig? Sorry about all the
questions, thanks for listening and hope to hear from you.

Bondi72 :)
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Postby bravosystemz » Wed Mar 26, 2008 7:37 pm

vista x84 (32bit) will see 3gig to 3.5gig, but once you install the serivce pack 1 for vista you will be able to see and use 4gig and more if your system can support it.

vist x64 will see 4gig and up on its own without the service pack.

the Li1705 will see 4gig, however depending on who you ask some say 2gig is the max but aslong a 1.0D BIOS is installed then it will take it no problem, but use quality RAM. i sold mine on after i put 4gig on and made a profit.

i used samsung sticks
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Re: RAM upgrade Amilo Li1705

Postby nickb » Fri Nov 28, 2008 9:11 pm

Can anyone confirm that they successfully upgraded the Li1705 to 4gb RAM? I just put in two Transcend 2gb sticks and it won't boot.

Maybe I need to do the hardware reset?

The laptop does have the latest D version BIOS.

I ask as because several posts on here say 4gb is ok, whereas the memory resellers all say 2gb is the limit...

Cheers in advance, Nick, Auckland
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Re: RAM upgrade Amilo Li1705

Postby imp1987 » Thu Dec 04, 2008 7:22 pm

hallo ! i am from greece and i have the same laptop (amilo li 1505 with the integrated grafics by VIA VN896)! I installed 2Gb of ram (1x1Gb and 1X1Gb) @667MHz (PC5300) succesfully without problems..
But recently i bought 2Gb ram@667 and i have tryed to install 3Gg ram (1x2Gb and 1x1Gb) without succes... The laptop did not pass the bios test... :cry:
The laptop only boots with 2,5Gb of ram (1x2Gb and 1x512Mb).. So THE LIMIT IS 2,5Gb my friend... DON'T TRY 3 Gb or 4Gb ram,bios fail (i think that the reason is the integrated grafics by VIA VN896..
The performance is better with 2Gb ram (1x1Gb and 1x1Gb) for 10% using everest bechmark...
(Also i have changed succcesfully my cpu.. from Celeron M430@1,73GHz -> Core Duo T2450 @2.00GHz))
Sorry for my english.. I think that i helped you! :)
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