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Fl Inverter (Amilo A1650G)

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Fl Inverter (Amilo A1650G)

Postby XTAC » Sat Feb 09, 2008 11:57 am

Hi there friends
Just wondering if someone could help about the best reliable and value for money dealer , in order to make an order for an fl inverter Image for my Amilo A1650G?? ... 25556.html
I face that problem from the moment i make the decision (after some net research) to boost the receipt of the Wi - Fi antennas.

So i opened the monitor of my model and forgot to took off the battery (i know i know,i'm a jerk and only :cry: )so somehow , i manage to ruin my fl inverter (the display seems to show up all the characters in the screen and the pixels are ok) so i have to buy a new one.
COuld someone help somehow about a new one or whatever?
Has anyone faced before something similar?
Some advices?

p.s if i only had took some more time to search the net and find that forum before i ruin my inverter......
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