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Amilo D1845 BIOS update Problems - Someone please help me!!!

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Amilo D1845 BIOS update Problems - Someone please help me!!!

Postby Gav7122 » Thu Feb 14, 2008 11:48 pm

Had probs with my laptop hanging or switching off. I know enough that this is usually to do with overheating, so I went looking for a fix on the FSC support site. Found a link telling me to download v1.04c as it offers better thermal control, (currently using v1.02c according to my BIOS screen). Have emailed FSC for advice but no response as yet, so hoping someone here will be quicker.

I'm trying to follow the instructions thru from FSC but getting lost (also followed the instructions in the sticky link at the top of this forum) but getting nowhere fast.

These are the instruction FSC provided online, quoted directly from the support site

* *
* BIOS Flash-update for Fujitsu Siemens *
* AMILO D1845 *
* Product.Nr: 811 002415 *
* *
After running AF10V104.EXE the floppy disk should contain following files:
readme.txt (this file)
To flash your BIOS boot in DOS-mode and run flash.bat from the floppy disk.
!! Connect AC adapter befor flashing !!
!! Be sure that the Battery is full loaded !!
!! Please reboot your system after flashing !!"

Now the prob I have is that when i download the file there is nothing there, no AF10V104.EXE, no readme bat or txt. I have tried using this to flash the updated BIOS over but getting lost in a maze of DOS that is way out of my league. I am certain that I am not setting up the boot disk correctly but can't figure out why.

Please can anyone tell me where i'm going wrong, cause i'm ready to throw this bloody thing out and just by a new one!!!!!!!

Cheers in advance

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Postby aspettl » Fri Feb 15, 2008 9:57 am

Did you burn the CD image, boot using the CD and then there was a DOS prompt?
In this case it should be sufficient to type "flash.bat" and hit return. Make sure you are on AC power, with battery available.

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