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A6600 White display when powered down.

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A6600 White display when powered down.

Postby thistlewillow » Sun Feb 24, 2008 6:04 pm

Odd one this, when the laptop is powered, the screen is white and illuminated. As soon as you press the power on button and the machine begins booting, the screen goes black and displays perfectly normally.

So of course when you shut down, the screen goes bright white again!!

This obviously consumes all the battery power, and flattens it prematurely, so I have to use it on mains all the time. I opened it up and had a look around the monitor connector. I can see that something has been spilt in there some time ago, and nasty crusty corrosion has developed. I took the display plug out and found a pin laying at the bottom of the connector and more of the corrosion. If this has been eaten away, then it stands to reason that some others may have been too.

The display cabling is in two parts, one for the LCD matrix, and the other for the backlight. Fortunately, the screen works fine, as the corrosion only affected one end of the connector where the illumination connections are. I reckon that the connector on the motherboard is soldered on, and probably has link-through connections to the other layers in the board.

I was contemplating taking the connector off and removing the offending part, leaving just the matrix connected with the plug. I could then maybe solder the illumination wires on the the boad direct, as they can be unplugged inside the screen.

Has anybody else had this problem? Is my remedy likely to work, or will I just end up ruining my motherboard?

I have many years electronic experience, so the soldering should be ok, but the comlexity of the motherboard is quite daunting.
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