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Amilo Pa2510 (Turion X2 TL60) work temperature and fan mode

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Amilo Pa2510 (Turion X2 TL60) work temperature and fan mode

Postby Kunitsky » Thu Mar 06, 2008 7:51 am

Hi! 2 days ago I bought an Amilo Pa 2510 notebook with Turion64 X2 TL60 (2,0 GHz). I'm a little bit confused about the core temperature of CPU, it is working at 57-63 degrees Celsium right after turning the notebook on, even if it was in cold for a few hours! I even didn't run any applications! Is it normal? I've tried many programs for measuring the temperature, all of them show the same results.
I'm also confused about the way how the cooling fan works. After 20 minutes of being on it starts turning every 5 seconds for about 2 seconds and then stops. In 5 seconds it repeats. Even if I didn't run any applications, I even didn't touch the computer! This repeating sound is very annoying.
Is it normal? How is it possible to change this?
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