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A fix to your Amilo Li 1705 from locking up (And others)

All kinds of problems or malfunctions without known reason. Also general problems with the notebook as a whole.

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A fix to your Amilo Li 1705 from locking up (And others)

Postby bravosystemz » Sun Mar 09, 2008 6:01 pm


I have been in the I.T. trade for a good few years now, over 9 years.

I am quite new to the Laptop world, but some problems are always the same!!

If like me you have the Amilo Li1705, and after a while it started freezing and locking up randomly, you may have a thermal problem.... ESPECIALLY if your laptop never used to lockup and its a problem that has developed all of a sudden. This problem is also true with other laptop, NOT JUST the Amilo 1705, its the same with ANYthing with a fan and a cooler

:arrow: I had this problem and fixed it by doing a little cleaning. Eventually any type of component that has a fan cooling a finned heatsink, like a laptop or PC, will need opened and cleaned from dust build up.

:arrow: :arrow: :arrow: The reason being dust fills the fins so air cannot pass proper to cool down the metal it was designed to cool. For instance on the Li 1705, you take off the pack maintenance panel, 7 simple screws to remove then unclick the plate. Once inside remove the 2 fan screws and you have full view of your copper fins, and if you have been having lockup and freezing problems then no doubt you will see atleast half of your fins covered over by dust (your laptop can not breath) :D

****DONT think that just because your laptiop is only 2 months old or 3 months old that this wont affect you, IT STILL CAN, even more so if like me, you have a condencer dryer in your home, even expensive ones give out fine dust that a laptop will suck in but wont be able to blow out again, so have a look. my dryer cost me £400GPB and still like any other spits out micro dust that ecscape from micro gaps in doors and from filters

I bet you 9/10 this will fix your random lockup (freezing) problems :!: :!: :!:

:idea: So before you blame your sudden lock-up problems on bad drivers ect, get into your laptop and have a look for dust build up... YOU CANT SEE IT PROPER FROM OUTSIDE! even if the problem happened after you changed your OS, it may just be chance!

Thank you for your time and I honestly do hope this has helped. Any spelling or grammer problems, I am sorry. :shock: :lol: :oops:
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