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Fan speed on Amilo Xi 1546?

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Fan speed on Amilo Xi 1546?

Postby Icn » Mon Mar 31, 2008 10:20 pm

I have problems with the fan in my Amilo Xi 1546 since it's going really slow, all the time - and I don't have silent mode on (which doesn't work by the way).
When I try to play a game my CPU and my GPU temperature will raise to insane levels (<89°) which will cause my computer to crash. Now when the computer pretty much does nothing my CPU temperature is at ~50° and my GPU >60°. This sucks!

So how can I fix this? How can I make the fan change it's speed when needed? Or how can I manually change my fan speed so that it will be at maximum all of the time?

I've tried to use programs like SpeedFan but it doesn't work (can only give me temperatures).

PS. I have installed all drivers from the fujitsu drivers download page and now I've also updated them - no change whatsoever. Also I have Windows XP Pro (not Media Center).
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Re: Fan speed on Amilo Xi 1546?

Postby amiloCrash » Wed Jul 02, 2008 10:34 pm

Here is my distinct advise: Do not play with, work on or use this laptop in any possible ways. Right now, throw it out of any possible window (not forget backing up your precious data before) and just forget the whole thing, it's not worse it.

I just talked to the fuijitsu-siemens service team and they have no sincere answer to it. I tried to go back in bios version but, since they do not provide the real initial bios, it's in vain. Possible that it is also caused by other driver updates they provided. Unfortunatelly they do not provide the very initial drivers/bios versions. And the fan keeps crawling in the very calm state.

As soon as possible, i gonna get a ne notebook, but surely, this ain't fuijitsu-simens ;-))))
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Re: Fan speed on Amilo Xi 1546?

Postby hikaru » Thu Jul 03, 2008 8:57 am

The Xi 1526 often seems to have trouble with the fan.
Some users complain about a constantly running noisy fan, some, like you, complain about too high temperatures.
And unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a solution.

I can only give you the standard tips for decreasing the temperature:
1) Clean the fan and the grill.
2) Renew the heat-conductive paste of CPU and GPU. (you will lose your warranty if you do so)
3) Use an external cooler pad. (make sure to get one that fits to your notebook)
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