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Help with extern monitor

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Help with extern monitor

Postby eq » Tue Apr 01, 2008 3:53 pm


I have a problem with my amilo laptop. A few days ago i bought a new monitor (widescreen) to be able to use that istead of the internal display.
I have come so far that i can use both screens, but how do i set the extern monitor as primary?
The option I have when i shoose to use both screens are only the second one that allows me to "expand windows", but i can't choose the first alternative to "use as primary".
Spoke to the support, but they said after i tried a couple of things that "then you are unable to do that". Can that be true? (It didn't sound like she knew that much about the matter to be honest)
Aint there any way of using that screen as primary? I don't have to use both at all, so isn't there any way to like "uninstall" the internal to be able to only use the external one? :P

I hope someone knows something about this.
Thanks in advance!
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