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XP64 in Amilo SI 1520, almost complete

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XP64 in Amilo SI 1520, almost complete

Postby Jpep » Sat Apr 05, 2008 1:06 pm

My Amilo SI 1520 introduced me to Vista for the first time, and maybe for the last. I found it cumbersome, slow and many things -as wiereless- didn't work at all.

So I decided to install the SO I use in my desktop, XP64 Professional. It took to me some effort to fit everithing, starting to prepare an instalation CD with the appropiate sata drivers. But I'm happy almost everithing is working smoothly, no more troubles with wifi.

If someone wants a organized pack with installation directions, just ask me for it at jgetino at telefonica dot net.

There still a component is not working: the audio. I tried with all the drives provided in the web, including vista 64. But even they seem to work ok when seen in the the device manager, the audio section of the control panel shows there is not audio driver installed (my XP64 installation is up to date).

The audio hardware of the amilo 1520 is a Conexant Cx20549 @ Intel 82801GBM ICH7-M. I googled for drives for it, but none worked. So I would appreciate any hint on how to solve this issue.

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Postby Jpep » Tue Apr 08, 2008 9:20 pm

To whom could be interested, it seems there is no way to have a full working xp64 in the Amilo SI1520.

My solution has been to completely rebuild the Amilo HD and create 3 primary partitions:

- A 12 Gb partition for xp64 and programs

- A 8 Gb partition (now I see no more than 3Gb is needed) for XP professional and MediaPlayer Classics to watch my films.

- A the third partition with the remaining space, used for store data as, films, maps, pictures...

When I want to see a film I have to restart and boot XP, but at least I had been able to get rid of the cumbersome USB audio device I had been using so far.
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