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Amilo A 1630 Shutting Down

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Amilo A 1630 Shutting Down

Postby Lenardo » Wed Apr 30, 2008 8:26 pm

I have an Amilo A 1630 that shuts down every time I start it after about 30 seconds. It doesn't matter whether I allow Windows to try to boot or go to BIOS. It will shut down at approximately the same time either way. Even after 30 or 40 attempts it goes for about the same amount of time, making me think that it isn't the battery being low on power.

I just ordered a new Power adapter but the laptop must have the battery in it to start up. If I have the laptop plugged into the wall and no battery, it won't start at all. If I have it plugged in the wall and the battery is in, it will run for 30 seconds, but if I take the battery out before the 30 seconds, the machine stops immediately.

I have tried the hardware reset in the FAQ and I have checked to make sure the fans are running. I have a nice connection between the CPU and the cooling system. I really don't think it involves overheating.

Any suggestions would be welcome...
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