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Pi 1505 windows xp SP3 audio problem - installed but...

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Pi 1505 windows xp SP3 audio problem - installed but...

Postby krooyh » Sun May 25, 2008 11:04 pm

I installed windows xp pro with included sp3. kb88811 cannot be installed on sp3 but i did saw that there was installed UAA in device manager and "hd audio device" was waiting for drivers to install.
And so i did. Installed drivers and there begon problems:
- i have in device manager no errors, there is installed hd audio but when i restart my computer there is "no mixing device"!
- i dont have volume icon on tray
- i have no idea what to do

anyone have a clue?
(i installed drivers from FS site)

another thing is that when i remove drivers, uninstall sound card from device manager and reboot, after reboot i install it and it works until next reboot. It works but there is no volume icon in tray.

maby its important that i made Win xp installation disc with xp-iso-builder and there is option "Show sound volume icon in systray" wich was not "marked" as default ( and thats how i left it )

still fighting with it...
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