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I'm crazy. I killed my amilo d 1845

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I'm crazy. I killed my amilo d 1845

Postby studioab » Mon May 26, 2008 9:22 am

I've bought Amilo D 1845 15" W P4 3.06/1G

But the seller said to me that it is amilo D 1840 and it doesn't have the label on the back.

The computer was working pretty good almost 3 month unless began issues with overheating and "blue screen of death". I read this forum about BIOS flashing. My ver was 1.00c

Remember I believed that my laptop is d 1840 and of course I didn't check serial number. I downloaded new BIOS 1.05c for 1840 and flashed it to my 1845. O gosh .... Later I found that it was 1845

I know, I'm crazy. But please tell me what can I do next.

After flashing, the laptop starts and lights, fans work but screen - not.

Is it for parts only now? It has good screen and everything except BIOS.

Please help me.
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Postby hikaru » Mon May 26, 2008 11:23 am

The only way to repair it is to send it to the official support.
But I doubt whether it is worth the money.

If you have a bill that states that it is a D1840 maybe you can make the seller responsible for the damage.
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Postby studioab » Mon May 26, 2008 5:09 pm

No way to find seller :(

I've found plenty of companies that can reprogram my BIOS.

Please tell me what is the best ver # of BIOS for my laptop?


Where can I get manual how to replace this chip?

Thank you.
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