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Amilo Li1705 DVD drive change ~ PLEASE HELP!!!!!

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Amilo Li1705 DVD drive change ~ PLEASE HELP!!!!!

Postby Syd Toon » Tue May 27, 2008 9:56 pm

HI, How do I get the case to seperate, I have taken all the screws out that I can see but the lower part will not part from the upper part. I thought that the drive replacement would be easy :lol: !! silly me :roll: !!
Syd Toon
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Amilo XA1526 DVD drive change ~ PLEASE HELP!!!

Postby bigbeh » Wed Nov 05, 2008 11:30 am

I agree!!

I have an AMILO XA1526 and i took EVERYTHING apart including the screen and i still cant get the thing apart. ARGH! how do i replace the DVD i have exsactly the same model optiarc as it should have (strangely enough my new optiard dvd writer is only DVD +R but the original was + and - R??)

So i spoke with FUJITSU SEIMENS and they said:

"There are no public disassembly instructions available for the Amilo laptops, to remove the DVDRW drive you need to ensure the base screws are removed and you may want to have the accessory panel underneath remove to allow you to slide the drive out."

Well i really butchered my beloved amilo xa to try change the drive which went faulty after 3 months (i had the entire motherboard replaced under warranty but missd the dvd drive issue)

So how do i change my drive?? I really want my amilo back in working order. If i had known the difficulty taking it apart i woulda just got a new harddisk instead.

Please, someone, anyone, HEKP!!
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Amilo Li1705 DVD drive change

Postby bigbeh » Wed Mar 11, 2009 3:16 pm

you have to remove the plastic cover over the speakers and the power button, gently.
underneath there are two screws to remove the keyboard, flip the keyboard up and then there is a single screw to remove the dvd writer. slide it out the take off the facia from the writer and clip it on the new writer and slid the new one in. Easy!

Fujitsu lied to me, u DO NOT need to remove the screws under the laptop.
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Re: Amilo Li1705 DVD drive change ~ PLEASE HELP!!!!!

Postby Laci112 » Wed Apr 01, 2009 9:19 am

My Amilo M7405 laptop's Philips DVD+-RV SDVD8431 is went wrong. ( Everything read, but nothing write: CD-R,-RW and DVD-R,
DVD-RW , DVD+R,+RW). I would like to replace a new one.
1. How can I remove the cd-rom from my Amilo M7405?
2. Where can I find a compatibily new DVD writer?
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