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Amilo l7320gw Wont turn on!

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Amilo l7320gw Wont turn on!

Postby armyandy » Sat Jun 07, 2008 4:03 pm


I own an Almilo L7320GW which it was operating fine yesterday. I moved my laptop upstairs and went to the toilet, when I came back it was off. On trying to power it back up - it showed no sign of life, the green light detecting it being plugged in will not turn on, with and without the battery plugged in.

My sister has the same laptop so tried using her power block and battery to see if this made any difference but it doesnt. I also tried wiggling the power connector into the laptop from the plug to see if this was the problem but again no signs of life at all.

This is very odd considering it was working fine yesteday.

Can anybody advise on what I could do - I am confident with computers (it is my degree computer science) and so if there is a part which needs replacing and is available to buy online then I will do it and fit it myself. It kind of seems like the internal power supply has blown.

Thoughts and suggestions please!

I have opened up the laptop and removed the motherboard to check for signs of fried circuitry etc but cnt find anything,,, is there anything I should look for in particular. Whats my best bet - replace motherboard will cost me like 130 quid! :@

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