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Amilo 1300 advise needed

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Amilo 1300 advise needed

Postby rbd_kz » Thu Jun 12, 2008 3:19 pm

Good day!

Please advise on availability of some manual indicating the correct pinout of motherboard connections:
- upon some <repair> the LEDs on display bottom are mute, with only central one lighting either bright red during powering from AC or dim red for laptop working on battery
- the display closing switch forcing the laptop into sleep or standy obviously has been disconnected with only FN-F12 to be used to turn the laptop into selected mode.

For CBB45B05HF cooling fan being a rather rare item in online shops and unavailable from local FSC service centers, please comment on any equivalent replacements to be used for L1300.

Thank you for helping.

p.s. to make understanding the things simpler, please note the repair is done in some local <official> FSC Service center.
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