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Amilo 1510 RAM slots

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Amilo 1510 RAM slots

Postby Paul84 » Wed Jun 18, 2008 8:18 am


I upgraded the memory on my Pa1510 last night but had to take out one 512MB module :( I was hoping to add my 1GB module to make 2GB. I tried to get the keyboard off to access the other memorty bank but failed to do it nearly breaking the keyboard in the process and snapping a few keys off!! I figured out that if it had 1GB there must have been another 512 under the keyboard anyway. Does anyone know if I can replace the one under the keyboard with a 2GB ,module if the laptop supports this much memory? Manuals arerubbish and aftre this experience I dont think I would buy another FS laptop I hate rubbish design.

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Re: Amilo 1510 RAM slots

Postby maraxion » Wed Aug 04, 2010 10:25 am

I know its old, but it might help someone.

Its right the 2. stick is located under the keyboard, abd yes it supports 2GB. To remove the keyboard you have to first unscrew the srew undet the mahine kalled K/B. After that take a flat small screwdriver and look between the topside of the keyboard and the panel where the speakers/buttons are. There you wil see 4 black plastic stubs . They are located over ESC, F6,F10 and SCROLL LOCK. These are springloaded, so just press lightly away from the keyboard, and start pry the keyboard up on at the time. More of these are located on the side of the keyboard.
BUT. Be gentle with the keyboard, its locked to the computer with a band, it is NOT neseserily to remove this to change ram. Just pry the keyboard gently off, and put it on its head while changing the memory.
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