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Brightness on XP

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Brightness on XP

Postby gvdgvdgvd » Sat Jun 21, 2008 1:16 pm

Hi! i read this topic,1472,-Amilo-PA-2548-Windows-XP-Brightness-issues.html?hilit=pa+2548
(using XP with SP 2)

downloaded 3 utilities from futjitsu siemens

1) FSC_BrightnessandVolumemodulateutility_1110_1014877 (causes problem when installing) --> untitled.jpg - 0.08MB

2) FSC_LightSensorFunction_14_1014875 can't control the brightness -when on AC 100%, when on bat. 0 %

3) FSC_Silentmodeutility_2110_1012754 turning on and of, says 50% trothling- looks like its working

but what about the others?? I still cant make them work...
I downloaded another powrprof.dll from and replaced the prevoius one but it still cant start... show the massage from the picture above
PLEASE if anybody knows how can I fix this- write :(
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Re: Brightness on XP

Postby mich4s18 » Mon Jan 19, 2009 12:05 pm

Brightness controller (Just a tool for laptop): ... roller.rar

I used it and it work! Good luck!

( i got it from this topic
Code: Select all,1726,-ALL-Amilo-Pa-2548-drivers-for-XP.html?hilit=amilo+pa+2548

OOOOOOps, sorry :/ i didn't saw it's so old topic! sorry!
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