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[XP PRO] PA2548 Lan & Webcam problems: HELP!

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[XP PRO] PA2548 Lan & Webcam problems: HELP!

Postby m4dbra1n » Sat Jun 21, 2008 8:27 pm


I'm an italian guy and I've just bought this nb. I don't like Vista so...GO XP! :D

I've installed almost all drivers, looking in this forum and on the net, but i have problem with the ethernet and the webcam drivers: for the first the nvidia drivers doesn't work; the webcam's drivers, as found in kiky's thread, doesn't work and give me BSOD!!!

So, i'm looking for someone that can help me with these 2 drivers, because i tried vista drivers, other nb drivers with same hw, but nothing, they simply don't accept them.

pls HELP ME!

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