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problems with amilo v1000 pro

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problems with amilo v1000 pro

Postby dodgyballs » Wed Jun 25, 2008 12:35 pm

hi there people i have an fujitsu seimens amilo v1000 pro laptop which has stopped working
the problem with the laptop is this when you switch the laptop on it seems to power on as the fan can be heard spinning up but there is no output on the screen or an external monitor the hardrive can be heard spinning also i have checked the memory and that is ok also i have checked the cpu in another machine and that seems to be ok however when the cpu is in the laptop it does not appear to be workin as it does not get warm also the laptop will not turn of with the power button any ideas what cud be at fault i was thinkin maybe it cud be the power board as the laptop will not switch of any commentss would be appreciated
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