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display dont work again after it turn off due to inactivity!

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display dont work again after it turn off due to inactivity!

Postby mtantawy » Mon Jun 30, 2008 11:03 pm

hi all,

i have amilo li1718 and on it XP pro SP2

when the LCD goes off after the set time of inactivity it doesn't go back working after touching the pad or clicking keyboard keys or even moving the USB mouse
i have to close the display or click the shortcut that makes the laptop sleep then clicking the power button to wake only then the display work again...

this didnt appear just after installing the XP but after some days and without any noticeable reason as i haven't installed any programs or changed any settings
also i thought that it just doesn't detect key clicking but the mute option work and also the shortcut for sleep mode works
also i noticed that when connecting it to a CRT using TV-OUT then clicking shortcut to switch between CRT&Laptop the CRT gets signal then i have to switch back and get my display working......i can't analyze this .
but one more notice, that didn't happen before when i had only vista installed or the Ubuntu-Linux

i think thats all the info i have

so plz help me or at least give me keywords to search through google because i dont know what to search for

Thanks in advance,
Mahmoud Tantawy
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