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How can i fix my Alienware Aurora M9700

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How can i fix my Alienware Aurora M9700

Postby SPAZ » Tue Jul 01, 2008 5:17 pm

Hi guys, at the moment, this is my biggest problem. My laptop (Alienware Aurora M9700) seems to be abit... broken. I'll list problems:
1. It wont turn off
2. Screen wont display anything
And that's just about it :S. Only 2 problems, but pretty big. Now everything else seems to work, i see that the on button lights up, all the other lights that normally light up, light up, it makes normal sounds, the 2 fans work. It's just beyond me :S. Plz can some1 help?

Just to clear things up i do understand that this could b my fault, i was opening up the back of this thing, and i was doing some stuff... i dont think i really did anything, the only thing i think that mayb, just mayb, could b broken is Processor, cause I was locking it, unlocking it, and i wasn't made anti-static, so that could b problem... but don't go by this paragraph, see if you can fix problem with 1st paragraph, just use this if u have no idea whats wrong , thx in advance!
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Re: How can i fix my Alienware Aurora M9700

Postby aspettl » Wed Jul 02, 2008 10:59 am

Can you connect an external monitor?

You could reinsert the cpu to make sure it sits correctly.

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