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Help with Amilo Pa 2548 Topic is solved

All problems with windows and windows drivers.

Help with Amilo Pa 2548

Postby spudz » Sun Jul 06, 2008 12:13 am

I have used this notebook since the end of April - I have reinstalled it's Windows Vista 2 times now and it looks like it's going to need a 3rd reinstall of the OS.
I am f*cking disgusted and angered with Vista's slow performance, limited compatibility and overall uselessness of the system. I am ready to go back to Windows 98 if I could skip using Vista.
I read the forums for a while, but all this talking about SATA and stuff is just confusing me, since I am not a computer technician.
I want to install Windows XP on an Amilo Pa 2548 notebook. Could somebody talk to an amateur in PC's about how he can do this?
My problem is the drivers. I can't find the XP ones for my notebook in the Fujitsu-Siemens support.
I figured all the drivers would be the same for the same notebook. Could somebody tell me what drivers do I need, where to find them and all that kind of stuff?
Can I at all reinstall to Win XP?
Could somebody help? Thanks in advance...
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Re: Help with Amilo Pa 2548  Topic is solved

Postby hikaru » Tue Jul 08, 2008 9:29 am

As I understand you already read this thread carefully:,26,-Installation-of-Windows-XP-Home-Pro-PE-FAQs.html?hilit=pa+2548+xp
Just follow it step by step, one after another.

With the screenshots I think it is not too hard to create a XP-CD with the sata-drivers, if you have them.
kiky listed all drivers here:,1726,-ALL-Amilo-Pa-2548-drivers-for-XP.html?hilit=pa+2548+xp

But obviously there seem to be some problems with the sata-drivers, as discussed here:,1663,-Big-S-ATA-problem-on-PA-2548.html?hilit=pa+2548+xp
So if you run int trouble with kiky's driver, try one of the drivers from this thread.

Another helpful thread seems to be this one:,1827,-Amilo-PA-2548-XP-problem-detailed-info.html?hilit=pa+2548+xp

If you have any specific problems post here again.
And as a tip: Use a CD-RW! ;-)
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Re: Help with Amilo Pa 2548

Postby spudz » Fri Aug 08, 2008 11:09 pm

So I used a CD-RW... 4 times. I tried ALL the drivers (4 different SATA drivers) and the Windows Installer showed me a Blue Screen of Death when 4 seconds after the instalation said it found no hard drives.
Is the problem in the fact that I still have Win Vista installed when I try to install XP? If not, what is?
I am freaking out here...

EDIT: Actually scratch that.
Tried using nLite with all the SATA drivers in the CD - worked like a charm. Now I'm sticking the drivers in CD's so I can install them later. Wish me luck...
BTW this thread is solved. I'm just reinstalling and thanking all the guys that helped and then I will finish the thread.
Last Edit:
Thanks a million. Everything worked and the OS is working like a charm.
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